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Valves for the Aerospace Industry

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Gosco ball valves can be found in several unique applications around the world. When one of the top aeronautics research organizations came to us and needed a ball valve to perform in a 1 X 1 supersonic tunnel using an air system where the valve would see temperatures of 250 °F at 450 psi-g, we were ready to take on such a task

We provided them with a standard On/Off Valve (S-Class) in full confidence that it would outperform in this application. Since its installation in 2002, the research centre has yet to notice any leakage. An employee from the research centre was quoted as saying, “We are extremely pleased with the performance and will consider a Gosco Valve for any future process systems that we develop.” To this day, they continue to be one of the many satisfied customers of Gosco Valves.