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Quality, meet delivery. Delivery, quality.

As a leader in the severe service ball valve industry, Gosco Valves sells high performance made-to-order M-Class Valves (Metal seated) and S-Class Valves (Soft seated) to industry leaders world-wide. Both M-Class and S-Class Valves come in on/off, control, cryogenic, 3-Way diverter and block & bleed configurations. Since 1985, we have created solutions for the very toughest services.

  • Abrasive

    Our knowledge of materials, coatings and hardening processes is unrivaled in the industry

  • High Temp

    With metal seats, and Class VI shut-off to 1200 °F/649 °C

  • Corrosive

    We fabricate valves from Hastelloy, Inconel, Titanium, Alloy 20 and more

  • High cycle

    Our 1,000,000 cycle packing guarantee is the best on the market

  • Cryogenic

    Our cryogenic valves cover -270 °C/-436 °F, with fast deliveries and competitive prices